Is washing your #hair too often okay?

Rohidas Vitthal Sanap: Web Developer/Designer

Experts talk about tackling greasiness and how often it is okay to wash your tresses!

A-woman-washing-her-hair-jpgIt’s certainly hot and you’re definitely sweating it out while commuting to work, at the gym or even at home. These increased levels of perspiration might make you feel like washing your hair every day. Experts tackle common questions that you may have about this predicament.

Is a daily hair wash okay?
It’s not necessary to do so, feels city cosmetologist Dr Sama Rais. “Preferably not everyday as shampoos have harsh chemicals and can remove the essential oils from the scalp, causing an over-drying of the scalp. Thrice a week is good enough. Even if you perspire, just pour plain water on the hair. If your hair suffers from Hyperhidrosis (problem of excessive sweating), you may have to wash everyday. But use only a mild shampoo, which is suitable for to your hair,” she says.

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