“Ten Thousand Years From Now, Nothing We Do Here Will Have Mattered.”

Well it really helped me reduce my confusions.

Bark's Doghouse


As I sit in my hotel room in Boston tonight, overlooking the gorgeous Boston skyline and harbor (well, MY room actually overlooks Logan Airport, but I hear some of the rooms have lovely views), I am reminded of the above quote. It was said quite often by a former boss of mine, and he most often said it at the times when his team would be having heated debates about things that ended up being entirely irrelevant. He always seemed to know exactly the right moment to interject it—upon hearing him say it, we would laugh and agree that we were being foolish and stubborn about inconsequential details, come to a common agreement, and move forward.

However, I often had a different reaction to it. I felt saddened and disheartened, maybe even morbid about it. It always made me feel like my life and my work my meaningless and somewhat…

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Well.. I am a bookworm... An avid reader.. Sharing my views of the books I read... Trying to be Someone who can express all thats hidden in the everyday chaos

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