Unknowing the obvious

At times in life you reach a point where you don’t  wish to know the obvious.  You are on a lookout to  avoid knowing what you already  do. 
Yes!  It sounds odd.. But it sounds like me.  I have been trying and trying hard to ignore the  things that I knew even as a child. Things  like ” life is hard”, like ” you don’t  get second chances every time” but then I have always known that these chances are there… the second  ones though not pleasant  always,  I do find second chances.
To some I might  be a fool or an idle being.  But deep down  I am aware that I’ll do what I have always wanted.  No matter whose in the way.. I am going  to find a second route,  another second  chance to my success.  Be it lies what it takes,  be it being a failure or may be it will need me to become emotionally unavailable and acting emotive  at the same time.
No matter what it takes I will find my road to success… Late but it will be  there… A story of success of yet another being. 



Published by: sarvidha

Well.. I am a bookworm... An avid reader.. Sharing my views of the books I read... Trying to be Someone who can express all thats hidden in the everyday chaos

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