Killing that kid

One day I saw her all happy, ecstatic even for she found love in every detail of life.  Learning about things.. Knowing the obvious.. Following the wilderness was her passion. Inquisitive defined her completely no matter what name was given to her. 

Suddenly she disappeared like she never existed and this saddened me to my core.  What could I have done to bring her back.  I thought again and again and again but nothing seemed possible. 

They killed her again my heart screams in pain, tears welled up in my eyes but all in vain for nothing could bring her back. I looked for her in the morning dew and in the Twilight as well.  I searched through the woods and flowers and butterflies but never found her. I looked deep inside myself but couldn’t find her… Never again her last words were and then we never met… Never again. 

Dead… I am Dead now. Her words echoed through my soul. I missed that kid I hid inside me. 


Published by: sarvidha

Well.. I am a bookworm... An avid reader.. Sharing my views of the books I read... Trying to be Someone who can express all thats hidden in the everyday chaos

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