Chaos in my 💓


This is not about my crush or my boyfriend or girlfriend for that might matter. 

Its still about a love I have for things I have never seen,  for places I have never been. It’s normal to be on social media and browse the details of life of other people, while doing it I normally come across pictures that a person might have put up from a recent weekend trip or a long vacation or business trip. But as soon as I see it all I am sad,  a void in a my heart becomes more deep and dark.  For all I wanted was to go places,  watch birds and butterflies and waterfall and what not,  I am all but allowed to travel.

But nothing ever did happen and I am. Still waiting to get my journey of the world started,  planning and dreaming and wishing for it to start soon. 

Till then this chaos stays for its the only reminder to have me working, hustling in the direction of my dreams. 

Because I have already taken a small step,  one destination already done. 

 One day I’ll do it… For it’s a journey that will never end…and it’s a journey that’s already started. 🙋


Published by: sarvidha

Well.. I am a bookworm... An avid reader.. Sharing my views of the books I read... Trying to be Someone who can express all thats hidden in the everyday chaos

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