Finding Peace 

Today!  The first chapter of 365 pages yearbook.

 Like everyone else I was looking forward to this day,  to add some new memories and to find some new resolutions that I hopefully will be able to complete. But the moment it was dawn and the sun hit now foggy sky I found myself doing the usual that is logging into my Facebook and Instagram.  It’s now become a ritual that normally makes me hate my life and myself for making it that way. 

Today was anything but different, going through pictures of people partying and then hating the fact that I wasn’t like them. Suddenly something struck real hard, yes the new year new me vibes started to take control of me and I quit checking my social media accounts for the rest of the morning I had left. I went out to actually experience this 1st morning of 365 days and I found it beautiful so I decided my first resolution for the year – ” go out and experience sunrise instead of other people’s life”. I was happy now and in that state of happiness I took over the charge of my body to workout in the open. It was fun and cold too. Voila  resolution 2 found –  ” working out amidst the nature”. 

It was a happy morning and peaceful too. It was a time for deep thinking and realizations. It was the time I found the courage and will to be something more. It made me feel accomplished in some sense while it was the simplest thing to do, so here I am- marking the beginning of change. I am now starting a happy yearbook, an accomplished one and I vow to make sure I end it on the same note. 

This is the year for self improvement and some selfish acts. It’s the year when I fulfill  self expectations and tread on the path to achievement. It’s going to be a great book for I choose what makes it great and worthwhile. 

I am going to make me proud and find peace. 

 For every Sunrise is a chance to be something new & someone better, 

Every Sunset be the time to feel accomplished and at peace 


Published by: sarvidha

Well.. I am a bookworm... An avid reader.. Sharing my views of the books I read... Trying to be Someone who can express all thats hidden in the everyday chaos

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